2020 MAZDA3 Sedan

In Shrewsbury and throughout the New Jersey coastal region, many drivers have unfortunately been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in various ways. At Schwartz Mazda, we have proudly served the community's automotive needs for a full century. Over these years, we have continued to support our customers through challenging times, and we are proud to stand by you today.

The Importance of Auto Maintenance

Auto maintenance is essential to the value, efficiency, and safe operation of your Mazda. Whether you are an essential worker or caring for your family throughout the pandemic, you must have reliable transportation at all times. We know that some of our customers are apprehensive about driving their car to the dealership for service. While we are passionate about keeping you safe on the road, we want to support your overall health. At this time, our service techs are available to serve you by appointment only. This enables us to maintain the cleanest environment possible for our customers and to provide the most efficient service.

What You Can Do to Care for Your MAZDA

If your Mazda has not received its recommended maintenance services recently, now is the time to contact Schwartz Mazda for an appointment. From a routine oil and filter service to a tire rotation, a brake pad check, an AC service, and more, we can cover all of your Mazda's needs conveniently at one time. By doing so, we minimize your risk of exposure while promoting the safety and reliability of your vehicle.

Whether you have questions about the steps that we are taking to protect our customers in the Shrewsbury area or ready to schedule an appointment with our Mazda techs, contact Schwartz Mazda today.