How to Lease a New MAZDA

New Gray MAZDA CX-5 Parked On Street

Step 1: Find Your New MAZDA to Lease

Are you thinking about leasing your next Mazda? Each year, our Mazda lineup is invigorated with exciting updates. Many of our customers enjoy trading up to a newer model frequently so that they can take advantage of the latest improvements. Please take a look at our new Mazda vehicles online right now to explore the incredible possibilities available for your next auto lease.

Step 2: Shop New MAZDA Lease Offers

At Schwartz Mazda, we are excited to tell you about our current Mazda lease offers on vehicles in our inventory today. See monthly lease payment amounts, lease term lengths, down payment amounts, and more.

Step 3: Value Your Trade-In Vehicle

Are you wondering how much your current car is worth? Value your trade-in vehicle, and get an estimate. If you decide to trade your vehicle in with us, you can use that money toward your lease down payment, and you can avoid the hassle of trying to sell your car privately.

Step 4: Get Pre-Approved for MAZDA Lease Financing

While you might think leasing simply involves monthly payments for the use of the car, the truth is that the entire cost of the vehicle is capitalized. You're simply agreeing to pay for use of the vehicle. Save time by applying for MAZDA lease financing online today!

Step 5: Schedule a New MAZDA Test Drive

Once you've found the new Mazda vehicle you're interested in leasing, go ahead and schedule a test drive. If you need assistance with any of the leasing steps above, we're glad to help you in person as well.

What are the Benefits of Leasing a New Car?

Are you still not sure if leasing a new car is right for you? Here are just some of the benefits of leasing:

  • Lower Monthly Payments - An exciting benefit of leasing your next Mazda is affordability. Because you're only paying for the time you're using the vehicle, your monthly payments will be lower than if you were buying the car outright.
  • Lower Down Payment - By leasing your next Mazda car or SUV, you could enjoy a more affordable down payment as well.
  • Low Stress - A Mazda factory warranty covers newly leased vehicles, so all you have to worry about is regular maintenance. Because of this, you could drive around town in your leased Mazda with an added layer of confidence about its care and condition.

Contact us today to inquire about our inventory and to get the full details about current lease specials.