The Mazda Lineup

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Welcome to Schwartz Mazda, the dealership where people celebrate those memorable Mazda moments. We want you to celebrate and would like to help you start the shopping experience from the convenience of your home or mobile phone. Below, we have listed some key features of Mazda brand vehicles and hope that you are interested enough to come in for a test drive. We can't wait to show you the experience beyond the descriptions. Please review the key features of Mazda vehicles below.





Mazda is producing some of the most fuel-efficient combustion-engine vehicles in the world right now. Thanks to their Skyactiv® Technology, they have lengthened the lifespan of combustion engines and put them on par with electric cars and hybrids in energy efficiency. Mazda vehicles feature Skyactiv® Technology in a full line-up of fuel-efficient models. This line-up features a wide range of engines and numerous SUV and car models.


Mazda has a distinctive surreal style that looks like something out of a dream when you see one in person. Every Mazda is styled with soft curves and sits relatively low to the ground for a fierce look. The headlights look like fine jewelry and are accented by the chrome trim. The large alloy wheels and refined details of the exterior make them all stunning complements to any driveway. They will add curb value to your property and catch anyone's eye as they are passing by because they are stunning.

Mazda also designs its vehicles with a unisex design that is neither too feminine nor masculine. Although the cars look bold and sturdy, they also look domesticated, light, and carefree at the same time. In truth, every Mazda looks like a stylish sports car and is a joy to drive.

The Mazda interiors are laid out like a cockpit with the classic analog dials and big-bolstered leather seats. The design of the interior is driver-centric with round dials and technologically advanced infotainment systems. The brushed aluminum accents and clean lines make the vehicle look immaculate. You will love showing off your new Mazda.