Leasing a car can be a great way to get a new, modern vehicle at an affordable price while lowering your monthly payment. Many people opt for the convenience and practicality of a lease, and in turn must also make decisions about what to do when the lease expires. When the duration of your lease is nearing its end, you have several options. And at our Mazda dealership in Shrewsbury our knowledgeable and friendly leasing representatives can discuss all of your options as your lease is drawing to a close.

If you're looking to get a head start on researching your decision, check out some of your end-of-lease options here:

1. Purchase Your Vehicle

If you love your leased Mazda vehicle, there's no need to give it up! By subtracting the amount paid over the course of your lease from the current value of the vehicle, our leasing specialists will determine how much it will cost to purchase your car, and we'll help you through the registration process.

2. Extend Your Lease

Love your car, but not quite ready to commit to ownership? That's okay, too. You can choose to extend your lease and continue to benefit from the security a lease provides. At the end of the new lease period, you can reassess your needs and decide again.

3. Trade in for a New Vehicle

If you liked leasing a car but are longing for a new ride, you can either trade in your current model for a brand-new lease or purchase the car of your choice! Whether you decide to lease again or buy a new car, your old Mazda is no longer your responsibility.

4. Just Turn the Vehicle in

Don't need a car, new or old? We can simply take your leased car off your hands, and there's no obligation to enter into a new lease or purchase another car. When your lease term is over, you can simply move on!